5 new Christmas traditions to try

5 new Christmas traditions to try

5 new Christmas traditions to try

The holidays are all about family and traditions.  Every family and culture has their own unique traditions that they hold dear.  I have a big family and there are a few things we do every year without fail, most of which involve eating and of course a little drinking.  The kids love all of the sweets and chocolate, the things they have to normally do special things to get are available at their fingertips all holiday long.  Eggnog which they call, Christmas milk, and hot chocolate are some of their favorite drinks.  And bashfully, I admit that I’m one of those nauseating people that usually put up their Christmas tree the week after Halloween!  I really can’t get enough of the lights and all the Christmas flare.

I’ve been searching for a few new Christmas traditions to incorporate this year with my family.  I think its fun to add a thing or two every year to what we normally do, not huge things, just little ones.  Last year was the first year we got into ‘Elf on the Shelf’, goodness me, it was very challenging trying to figure out where our little elf was going to be hiding every morning.  I think we had one of the laziest elves ever; he only managed to hide in different places twice a week.  This year I thought I would try and get a little more creative with our Christmas traditions, here are a few cool Christmas traditions you may like too.

  • Leave Santa a special key to get in the door. My kids used to ask me how Santa got in the house considering we don’t have a fireplace, they typically ask every year so now I have a brilliant response for them.  We’ll decorate a special key for Santa and leave it on the doorstep so he can get in with his big bag of gifts.
  • Christmas Eve cookie bake. We leave cookies and cake for Santa, and a small glass of Christmas milk for him like everyone does, but nothing smells, and tastes better than warm homemade cookies.  All of the leftover cookies can be packed up for Christmas day or you can freeze some batter for any New Year’s celebration you might be having.
  • Don’t leave out the Reindeers! Reindeers do an important job on Christmas, and they should be rewarded too.  Try sprinkling glitter and dry oats on your front lawn leading to your door so that the reindeers know where to go.
  • Do a marathon. Christmas Eve in my house usually involves watching a Christmas movie or reading “T’was the night before Christmas” book before bedtime.  But now that Netflix is so popular, you can watch an entire marathon of your favorite family holiday movies on Christmas Eve!  Popcorn anyone?
  • Leave a special Thank you note to Santa. Santa works hard all year round to make things special for Christmas.  Teaching your kids about gratitude, and the real meaning of Christmas is so important.  Get them to write a special card to Santa and keep them over the years.

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P.S.  Need some Elf on the Shelf ideas?

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