4 ways to promote happiness in your life

4 ways to promote happiness in your life

4 ways to promote happiness in your life

Sometimes its hard to see life through the eyes of “the glass half full” mantra.  Honestly, I think most of us do try to live our lives everyday with that attitude.  Sometimes we accomplish that, and sometimes we don’t.  But the good thing about having a bad day, is that most of us make up our mind to not stay in that mind-frame for any great amount of time.

I think it’s important to recognize when we start feeling sad or defeated in life, but I also think it’s very normal to have those “blah” moments.   Everyone has those moments.  Isn’t that what makes us human?  The ability to recognize when something feels amok, have your moment, and then gather yourself and change your way of looking at a situation is a wonderful thing.  I think when we give ourselves time to reflect and ponder a situation, we being to heal and help the situation.  Allowing the emotions to flow freely and then using our minds to correct our thought process is what we should be doing, especially when things aren’t in sync.

I’ve developed a process for happy living. And it is a DAILY process, that I sometimes need reminding of.  Things have been like a roller coaster in my life for the past couple of years, so I’ve had a lot of practice in keeping things more on the happy living side.  Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

  • What people think of you is none of your business. Ha!  This took me forever to grasp.  An old friend said that to me one day, and I just couldn’t really accept, and understand it.  I suppose it comes from wanting to control all aspects of your life, and I guess once you give up on the idea that you can control everything around you, it makes total sense.  And the best part is, it feels so good not to worry or wonder what other people think of you.  Evidently, people will perceive you in the wrong way for the wrong reasons, they may not understand you, or like you for many reasons, but that’s totally OK.  That being said, there will be people in your life that see you, understand you, and love you for exactly who you are, no exceptions.  Sometimes they even see things in you that you forget to acknowledge, and they remind you of it once in a while.  Either way, you don’t control it, so just let it go.  The good people will stay with you, and the bad don’t matter.
  • Be grateful for everything, even the bad stuff.  You know the saying, “someone always has it worse,” right?  That’s very true.  But its hard to relate to that when you think you’re going through the thick of things.  I totally get it!  What I’ve found is that all those bad things, are actually leading or preparing you for the good things.  I know it’s strange, but I really believe that we only grow, and learn in the rough times.  I mean, think about it, who wants to change a thing when you’re looking out from on top of the mountain?  Right!  Its only when you’re looking up at that mountain that you begin to put one foot in front of the other, and climb.  And Oh, is it painful!  But the same way we look at our children, and remember the trauma and scars we endured to bring them into the world, it doesn’t matter the pain once they’re born, because any pain is worth the payoff- our kids.  That’s similar to a lot of things in our lives.  Sacrifices, hard times, change all lead us to where we want to be.   Honestly, I’m far from perfect, I have my moments, but I believe this, as much as the sky is blue.
  • Be kind, just because.  I know there are times you just want to be right, and give someone a piece of your mind, especially when things aren’t going as planned.  But, the truth is, giving someone a piece of your mind is no guarantee that things will work out your way.  In fact, they probably won’t work out your way if your not being kind to people.  Chances are, they won’t understand or accept what you’re saying anyway.  So the people that irritate you, or that you find difficult, give them your grace and kindness. You’ll get so much further in life, and you may in fact see a side of them, that is kind towards you.  Every one is going through something in their life and we should be sensitive to that, and treat others how we would want to be treated.  It’s hard out there!
  • Set your boundaries.  Relationships are complicated, complex things, and not everyone understands how to act, and what to say all of the time, because everyone thinks differently.  But we all have the right to set boundaries for the people that we engage with in our lives.  Being clear with what’s OK and what is NOT OK, will be beneficial for both parties.  You wouldn’t want someone to drop you over something you didn’t realize offended them, and you wouldn’t want people treating you in a way that’s offensive.  Setting clear boundaries of what is OK and not OK in your relationships will go a long way in your happy-life-living-journey.

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