30 things I want my son to know

30 things I want my son to know

I’m mom to a very smart and special little boy.  When I found out that I was having a boy, there was a part of me that felt a little disappointed for a while; I’m a girl after all, and I don’t like mud and bugs, getting my hands all icky, making lots of mess, loud noises…..all of the so-called “boy” things they like to do.  I wondered how was I going to relate to this little bundle of “BOY” I was having.  My mom said that it was meant to be, God knew what he was doing and to leave it at that, and I did.  Deep down, I knew she was right.  And the instant that he was born, I fell in love, and it healed all my brokenness.

30 things I want my son to know:

  1.  Pink is not just a girl’s color.
  2. Have the courage to walk away from things that are no longer helpful to you
  3. Fall in love
  4. Allow your heart to break, put it back together, and have the courage to start again
  5. When life throws you curve balls, put on your baseball mitt and catch them
  6. Its O.K.  to cry
  7. Remember your manners
  8. Open doors for women
  9. Learn to say sorry when you should
  10. Don’t take anything for granted
  11. Respect your time and other people’s time
  12. You can do anything you want to do
  13. Hard work is still one of the most important factors to success
  14. Be a dreamer, dream BIG
  15. Trust your gut
  16. Your words are powerful, think before you speak
  17. Don’t give up on anything that is important to you
  18. Get back up no matter how hard or how many times you scrape your knee
  19. You are LOVED
  20. You are VALUABLE
  21. You are WORTHY
  22. Practice gratitude, daily
  23. You’re never too old to hug, kiss and hold your mom’s hand
  24. Discover Paulo Coelho
  25. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in
  26. Failure is not failure, it’s growth
  27. Don’t be too serious in life
  28. Laugh a lot
  29. Love yourself
  30. Enjoy the journey, every part of it


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