25 Things to do before Christmas

25 Things to do before Christmas

25 Things to do before Christmas

Don’t blink!  Christmas will be here sooner than you think.  I can’t believe how fast time flies.  I suppose our chronic busyness doesn’t help with that. But if ever there was a time you could choose to relax and live in the moment more, it should be now.  Christmas is a time for family togetherness and love, or at least it should be.

It can be quite difficult to be at peace this time of the year with so much going on; the hustle and bustle of Christmas can cause people stress.  The way around all of the stress and anxiety is to have a game plan.  A carefully thought out, written down plan leading up to the day.  This will make sure you stay organized (which is part of the reason people are stressed) and accomplish what you want this holiday season.

Here are 25 things to do before Christmas:

  1. Write your list and check it twice.  Start a list of people that you would like to gift this year, and add your thoughts on what to give them.  This will make sure that you don’t forget anyone and that you don’t over spend.  It’s good to have a budget too.  This comes in handy when buying for your kids, although piece count seems to be more important to most of them.
  2. Decide on who your sending holiday cards to this year, and create them yourself.  There are lots of FREE programs like CanvaMpix and Picaboo.
  3. Find a great cookie recipe and give them as gifts.
  4. Bring out the advent calendars.  By December 1, you should have your calendar out and ready to go.  The advent calendars are a fun way to count down the days until Christmas.  Traditionally, it is a basic paper-made count down, typically a flap over each date that you list to reveal the date you are on.  Nowadays, the advent calendar can be used to offer Christmas treats each day leading up to Christmas.  Some people wrap 25 little gifts for the kids to open each day or have activities and sweets randomly placed on different days.  The kids really love this one.  It can also help the adults get in the mood-bah humbug!
  5. Detox!  With all the over-indulging we do, you might want to consider detoxing, try these juicing recipes.
  6. Watch a Christmas movie….O.K. two, one for you and one for the kids.
  7. Treat yourself to a face mask treatment.
  8. Plan your menu and do a trial run if necessary.  For some of you awesome cooks, this won’t apply.  Maybe the trial is not necessary for people that always bring the same dish to the family Christmas dinner, but if you’ve decided to try something new, give yourself time to test it first.  Seriously, who doesn’t like being the taste tester?  Leftovers are good but planning out the menu will make sure that you don’t feed the 5,000 for a dinner of 10.  No one wants to be slaving over a hot stove for hours on end Christmas day.
  9. Have an egg nog & brandy
  10. Wrap your gifts, in advance.  No wrapping on Christmas Eve!
  11. Sing Christmas Carols with the kids, or by yourself in the car or shower…not like I know anything about that.
  12. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate
  13. Take a drive to see the Christmas lights in your town
  14. Buy yourself a gift!  Seriously, it’s so nice to have at least one gift to open…Haha, just kidding.
  15. Take the “elf on the shelf” out…love that elf.  Mine is Elford, and he is one sneaky elf.  What’s the name of your elf?
  16. Don’t forget to rest.  There are many parties and events going on around Christmas, but it’s important to pace yourself, and try to get in some quiet time before the New Year.  This is the season for over-indulging in everything, so plan on taking it easy when you can.
  17. Do your nails 🙂  I love those Christmas reds and plums….gets me in the spirit!
  18. Get a Santa hat if you don’t already have one.  In my family, EVERYONE has one.  We open our Christmas gifts with them on…and only with them on.  LOL…yes, we’re a bit cheesy when it comes to Christmas, but we have lots of fun!
  19. Kiss underneath the mistletoe
  20. Read a Christmas book to the kids.  I love this one!
  21. Make Christmas popcorn, it’s so yummy
  22. Christmas crafts that are so cute, quick and super easy
  23. Buy Christmas PJ’s for the whole family.  I know this sounds corny, but every year I buy my kids and I a new pair of Christmas pj’s.
  24. Learn to say NO.  A lot of the reason people experience stress and anxiety during Christmas is because they don’t know how to say no.  People put all kinds of unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations on themselves.  Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect.  Nothing’s perfect in life and that’s beautiful.  If we had to live up to perfection, we’d all fail.  You don’t have to work yourself up to a certain level or expectation for anyone, not even your family.  Set your limits, budgets, goals and agenda.  If it doesn’t fall into the plan, you don’t need it.  One more dish, one more gift, one more party to attend or host is not worth your stress.  Do what makes you comfortable and don’t be afraid to tap-out this holiday.  It’s about having fun and being happy with the people that you love.
  25. Celebrate and do what makes you happy 🙂

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