14 great maternity photo ideas

14 great maternity photo ideas

14 great maternity photo ideas

Deciding on how to document your pregnancy is usually one of the first things women think about when becoming pregnant.  Let’s face it though, some women don’t feel very beautiful while pregnant and may choose not to take any maternity photos.  Everyone is different and deciding what to do for photos is very exciting.

There are so many cool themes and ideas to choose from, here are 14 really great maternity photo ideas to consider:

mom underwater

Underwater photo shoots for maternity, wedding and engagements are really trendy right now.  The light and airy, floating, dream-like look of underwater photos is beautiful and peaceful looking.  Looks like a moment frozen in time.

mom and daughter

Mother & Daughter photo shoot.  Having your second child is exciting.  Celebrating the upcoming birth with your first child is so sweet and will make them feel included and extra special.

magical maternity

Whimsical and magical theme. Adding flowers made into a tiara in this idea is ultra feminine, soft and beautiful.  This light and airy setting is chic and romantic.

purple romantic mom

Sexy & Romantic photo shoot.  This look is glamorous and romantic with the setting filled with rose petals and lavender color.  Lots of lighting and sheer drapery adds to the ambiance of the romantic theme.

sexy maternity

Lingerie maternity shoot. Sexy and lacy in this beautiful portrait shows a natural and glowing mommy-to-be veiled in a silhouette.

nude mom

Nude maternity shoot.  There really is no greater depiction of the gorgeous maternity body than a photo in the nude. Done in a tasteful and elegant ultra feminine way, this image is captivating.

mom and dad maternity

Mommy & Daddy to be.  Including your significant other in your maternity shoot is very special; its symbolic of being a team. Yay for #teamwork

red dress

Pop of color.  Super stunning, and super dramatic.  Love the bold and bright color!

winter seasonal mom

Winter themed photo shoot.  Simple and feminine.


Check out the beach photo shoot here  🙂

siloette mom

Silhouette style is beautiful and sexy.

tutu mom

Put on a tutu. This tutu is really cute and simple


Before and after photos are very trendy these days!

outdoor shoot

Outdoor maternity shoot.  Check out the beautiful contrast between the green and bright white.

What are you doing for your maternity shoot?

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