11 heartwarming newborn photo poses

11 heartwarming newborn photo poses

11 heartwarming newborn photo poses

Nothing comes as close on the cuteness overload meter than newborn baby photos.  O.k. except maybe those photos with babies and puppies!  Most parents want to celebrate the birth of their new baby with newborn photos.  It’s a great way to announce the new arrival and maybe even share some baby facts like, date of birth, weight, time of birth and full name.

Here are a 11 of the most heartwarming newborn photos ever:

Cute chin-hold baby photo is a really trendy pose for newborns.  I love how they can be positioned in the cutest ways!  Photo Credit: Newborn photography St. Louis, Missouri. Emily Lucarz


My favorite baby pose has to be the “bum up” pose.  This pose is very common with babies, even after the newborn stage.  Have you ever seen a baby do this?  Photo Credit:  Stephanie Robin Photography


Newborn girl photos are super cute with giant headbands.  I love the jewel accent on this one, don’t you?

Photo Credit: Charlie Violet


Got multiples?  This is so beautiful!  Photo Credit: Traci Shupert Photography


Consider adding a pop of color.  Look how dramatic, bright and beautiful this photo is with the turquoise blanket wrap.  Photo Source:  Looking Up Photography


This cutie pie looks extra special in this light baby wrap!  Photo Source: Looking up photography

Newborn Photography London_37

This sweet little bundle looks like a little peanut with his light colored blanket snuggled around him.  Photo Source:  Artistic Style Photography


Sibling photography is such a great way to include your older child!  Photo Credit: Julie Campbell Photography


Sleeping baby with a beautiful knit hat is totally in fashion right now.  I love this peaceful shot!  Photo Credit: Gabriela Bauerova Photography


Baby resting over soft blankets and linens.  This egg-shell color is soft and elegant.  Photo Credit: Sandra Hill Photography


I love the idea of having costumes in newborn baby photos.  This ladybug is just adorable!  Photo Credit:  Simply Sweet Galleries

I hope you decide to take newborn baby photos of your little one.  Its a great way to document one of the best stages of life-Newborn.  What are your ideas for your baby’s photos?  Post your comment 🙂

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