100% Guarantee secret to increase your milk supply

100% Guarantee secret to increase your milk supply

100% Guarantee secret to increase your milk supply

One of the most common questions I get when I’m doing my lactation classes or private consults is, How do I increase my milk supply?  It’s almost like it’s been a lost secret NOT passed down generation to generation since the beginning of time.

So many women struggle with their milk supply, or so they think, its even become a reason to choose not to breastfeed, because you never know how much milk you have.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to how much milk you actually have because, we can’t see it and pumping can’t tell you either. Yes, that’s right…pumping can’t tell you exactly either.  To all those women dragging themselves down the path of defeat and failure because they only pump 1 oz. of milk, the pump is NEVER a clear indication of the milk in your breasts.  Oh, that dreaded pump; it’s a blessing and a curse (psst….we’ll talk about the blessing later) The pump was designed to mimic the baby sucking; some boobs fall for it, and some boobs not so much.

There are many home remedies and old wives tales that tell you if you want to increase your milk supply, drink the tea or take the supplement that supports it.  Herbs like, fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa have all been talked about when it comes to increasing your milk supply. Unfortunately, no science has been able to prove that it actually does, so if it works for you, it may be the placebo effect.

(NOTE:  Fenugreek can interfere with blood sugar levels so check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements.  Oh, and it makes you smell like maple syrup!)

Now back to that pump contraption…the pump, although probably not your favorite thing in the world, it may actually become your most prized possession, especially if you’re thinking about increasing your milk supply.

Now here’s SECRET #1!

The pump, although as I stated above, is not a good indicator of how much milk you have in your breasts, you can use it to INCREASE your milk supply!  Whew, that was easy!  See it is a blessing 🙂

Here’s how:

Power pumping is a technique used by women who are serious and determined to increase their milk supply.  Let me back up a bit-AHEM….

Milk is produced by supply and demand.  The more milk you need, the more milk you make.  Got it?

O.K., let me elaborate.  Your baby is born with a tummy around the size of a walnut, as your baby grows, their tummy gets bigger, and they get hungrier.  Since they rely on food to grow, they will be breastfeeding around the clock (every two hours or more for neonates) in order for you to have enough milk for the baby, they have to breastfeed.  The more they breastfeed, the more milk you make. Simple, right?

Back to the pump….since the pump is a device that tricks your boobs into believing that a baby is on the other end, it will help your body produce more milk by sending signals to your brain that another feeding is taking place, and your brain sends signals to your breasts to make more milk.

A great way to increase your milk supply is to pump regularly.  For those serious milk maids, power pumping is when you pump 5 mins, rest 5 mins, pump 5 minutes, rest 5 minutes, pump 5 minutes for a total of 15 minutes of pump time.  This jump starts your milk making.  You can do this technique everyday or as regularly as you need to in order to build your milk supply.

(CAUTION:  Just like you can NEVER lose your milk supply overnight, you can’t BUILD your milk supply over night either. These changes in milk supply happen gradually when done consistently and at the same time each day.)


Your baby is the mecca of milk production.  They are wired to instinctively build your milk supply as they need it. They know that the only way to get more milk is to breastfeed more.  Aren’t infants magnificent?  

So, hate pumping, use your baby 🙂  See, that was easy, right?

Two 100% GUARANTEE secrets to increasing your milk supply is actually simple!

Let’s recap, shall we: pump on a schedule, and power pump as needed, and most importantly…keep breastfeeding as much as they need it, never on a schedule.

Happy building….I just know the cows are going to be jealous!  🙂

Love & Hugs,

Bianca, CLC (certified lactation counselor)

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